National Taco Day Unveiled


by: ajeeza

Now, let's dive into the captivating world of National Taco Day with these exclusive facts:

Ancient Origins:

Fill in – Tacos have been around since the Aztecs and Mayans utilized tortillas as edible spoons.some text

Taco Timeline:  

– A Mexican cookbook from the nineteenth century had the first taco recipe.

Taco's Name Origin: 

– It is thought that the word "taco" derives from the Spanish word "taco," which means a plug or a wad and refers to the way tortillas were used to wrap food.

Taco Bell's Bell:  

– Glen Bell, the company's creator, gave it the moniker Taco Bell. – The most expensive taco in the world is covered in gold leaf and costs a whopping $25,000!

The Great Taco Boom:  

– In the United States, the popularity of tacos soared in the 1960s thanks to fast-food restaurants.

Taco Emoji:  

– The taco emoji was included in the Unicode Standard in 2015 in honor of its widespread appeal.

Taco Tuesday Origins: 

In the 1980s, the fast-food restaurant Taco John's made "Taco Tuesday" well-known.

Share these incredible taco facts with your friends and family this National Taco Day and celebrate this beloved dish with a newfound appreciation!


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